Sudo remote auditing JSON plugin

This plugin for Sudo 1.83 and later reports all input and output during each Sudo session to a remote TLS 1.2+ endpoint.


If the TLS connection fails, the fall-back mechanism is a local log file for each Sudo session stored as “<log-dir>/<id>.ndjson” . The format is Newline-Delimited JSON (ndjson), with one line per input or output event.

FOP XML→PDF position tracker

Tracks the location of objects from the input XML into the PDF produced by Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor), for instance to know at which page to find a specific item.


The customer is a company that offers financial document management to their customers. Their document processing pipeline extracts and normalizes the content from various inputs, and uses Apache FOP for building the PDF views.

They needed to track the page in the produced PDF where specific elements were rendered.

Nigerian Oil Spill Monitor

Helps the Nigerian Government and citizens track the oil spill incidents so that the accuracy of those reports can be checked by anyone affected.


It includes a report management system that is used by the Nigerian Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) to coordinate the work done in their offices across the country.

This work was done for the British NGO Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN).

Try it out at the development site which includes the latest prototype features and enhancements:

Official site operated by SDN:

It is made with Angular, Bootstrap, FontAwesome and Leaflet using SVG, GeoJSON and TopoJSON for the data overlays, and D3 for the summary charts. Includes map, details, table, and summary views.

eLearning Multi-Agent System

Developed for the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).


The task was to design and implement a multi-agent system based on JADE that could be used for integrating the work of the project partners (academic research institutions from France and Germany), and then integrate the Learning Management System ILIAS as part of the system.

The integration was achieved by using "liaison" agents: small Java components that when linked into each partner's software gave it an agent representative in the system.

There was a liaison agent for each of the components:

  • ILIAS Learning Management System adapted by the DFKI
  • I-FLEG 3D virtual environment from INRIA
  • Dialog Manager from the University of Saarland
  • French and German chatbots for testing, not part of the project

Each agent can report the learner's progress using SCORM messages, a custom XML encoding of the standard SCORM API. I also built demonstration content for the project as SCORM packages to be loaded into the ILIAS LMS.

The learner agent has an AgentSpeak brain provided by Jason.

EC-TEL 2012 Conference poster in English

XML to JSON streaming converter

Reads a stream of XML files and writes a stream of line-oriented JSON according to a mapping file that describes which data to extract, and how to encode it in JSON.


It was done for Tahi Data Services (TDS) LTD PTE of Singapore. They needed to stream XML auditing logs from Solaris 9/10 and Oracle 11 to an aggregator that requires JSON format, and it has to work on legacy systems where only Java 5 is available.

Tutorial Toolkit

Tutorial feedback overlays for Java applications, just 24 KB compressed.


The translucent blue layer is a stencil that prevents the user from interacting with the components under it, making it easier for them to focus on the active components.

The screenshot shows a note-style call-out (another style is thought bubble) with four target buttons in the application (arrows), and one button for proceeding to the next step in the tutorial.

It's enough to specify the note content and targets, and Tutorial Toolkit finds the proper place for the call-out so that they don't get occluded, using a bespoke single-pass constraint solver.

This work was done in one month for the London Knowledge Lab, and was used in the MiGen project. It can be seen briefly in the video MiGen: Unlocking Algebra at 3'20" and 4'22".

Download (GPL license) TTK 1.0

Under dist/lib/ there is a ready to use JAR file: launch the demo application from the screenshot with

java -jar dist/lib/TTK-20121008.jar

Technical documentation in English

D3 animated multi-lingual chart

An example of a small, focused just-in-time component.


The bars grow from the bottom, the donuts grow clockwise.

The code for the different chart types (bar, multibar, donut) is encapsulated in the Charts object used for the example in the picture.

It was written from scratch in one day for a Belgian web design agency, using D3.js

VideoLecture player

Multi-stream web video player for interactive piano lessons.


The screenshot shows (paused) a live webcam RTMP stream, an MP4 H.264 video HTTP stream, an FLV video RTMP stream, and an F4V video HTTP stream. All can play at the same time and it uses either the Flash plug-in or HTML5 video.

This work was done in two weeks for the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

Manual in English