Sentido Library

Sentido® Esquema

You can search for elements and attributes by writing one or more words separated by spaces.

This searches for items that contain all those words in either their name or description, ignoring any upper-/lower-case differences.

Each word is technically a regular expression but if you do not know about that, simply write some words without punctuation and it will work.


  • Search for items containing both words "uno" and "dos".
  • Search for items containing any of the words "uno" or "dos".
  • Search for items containing the word “uno” but because of \b only at the beginning of a word, for instance not “unamuno” but “uno”, “unordered”…
  • \b means “word boundary” and it works also at the end of the word, for instance “ing\b” will match “running” but not “ingenious”.
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